Haim Bramli

Position: Chairman of the Board

Founded Hai Plastic Ltd. in 1981; has over 50 years' experience in the plastics industry.

Holds a professional education in the field of plastics.


Eli Bramli

Position: CEO and Chairman of Hai Plastic Ltd. and Bramli Plastic Industries Ltd.

Joined Hai Plastic in 1992, and has since served in a variety of marketing, sales and finance positions.

In 1999, founded Bramli Plastic Industries, and has been engaged in its development, as well as setting up distribution centers in Europe.

Holds managerial experience in marketing and finance.


Shai Samai

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Certified Public Accountant since 2002.

Deputy partner at BDO Ziv Haft accounting and consulting firm starting in 2006.

Joined Bram Industries Ltd. in 2007.

Holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.